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Marketing Tools

Smartsella helps you make more sales

Online Store, Online Chat

With Smartsella's online store you can showcase your products catalog to customers without them visiting your physical store. Your online store is equipped with chat functionality to enable you have real-time conversation with your customers.


Smartsella's Marketplace enables customers discover your online store as well as your physical store. Smartsella's Marketplace has location based search capability that allows people to search for stores around their physical location.

Digital Marketing, Bulk SMS, Email

Smartsella is integrated with Zigatext cloud messaging platform for your bulk SMS, transaction notification, automated birthday messaging to your customers, suppliers and staff. You can run digital adverts at anytime to send traffic to you online store.

Accounting & Billing

Providing insights into incomes and expenditures and aiding in budgeting and financial analysis.

Payments In / Out

This feature streamlines financial tracking for inventory operations, recording and overseeing incoming and outgoing payments for products bought or sold. It promotes transparent financial management and accurate record-keeping.


The Expenses functionality enables you to effectively manage and track the costs incurred during your business operations. It allows for recording and categorizing various expenses related to inventory management, providing insights into expenditures and aiding in budgeting and financial analysis.

Cash & Bank

The Cash & Bank feature in Smartsella empowers users to oversee their financial liquidity. It facilitates tracking cash on hand and bank account balances, enabling efficient management of funds. This functionality assists in maintaining accurate financial records and optimizing cash flow for better financial decision-making.

Inventory Management

Manage your stock and manage your inventory

Purchase, Sales and Returns

These capabilities of Smartsella empower businesses to handle their transactions comprehensively. It allows efficient management of procurement and sales processes, enabling tracking of product movement. Additionally, it simplifies handling returns, optimizing inventory control, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.


Smartsella elevates customer engagement, streamlines sales workflows, and effectively handles payment processing. Its user-friendly interface empowers businesses to enhance their point of sale activities, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction and overall operational excellence.

Stock Transfer

Efficiently managing stock transfers between warehouses is a pivotal aspect of Smartsella. This feature ensures seamless movement of inventory, allowing businesses to optimize stock levels and distribution. Smartsella simplifies the process, enhancing inventory control and enabling businesses to maintain optimal stock quantities across multiple locations.

Product Management

Manage your business products, brands, categories in simple and easy steps

Product Management

Within Smartsella, the Product Management feature acts as a hub for organizing and controlling product information. It simplifies tasks like adding, updating, pricing, and categorizing items, streamlining inventory management and catalog organization.

Brand Management

This function streamlines the management of product brands in the catalog. It empowers businesses to efficiently organize, update, and showcase brand details, ensuring uniform brand representation across the catalog and boosting brand recognition among customers.

Category Management

This feature allows businesses to efficiently create, modify, and arrange categories for their products. By facilitating streamlined categorization, it enhances the user experience and helps customers easily navigate through the product catalog.

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Smartsella helps merchants increase their conversion rate and shorten sales cycle with a personal e-commerce strategy. Adopt a modern buying process with a beautiful, easy to use, lightweight, dynamic and trackable digital catalogue.

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